Mindfully founded in July, 2021
Blacktop Surf Shop is your go-to local surf shop, specializing in providing quality products for those who live beachside, on the water, and anywhere in between. We blend vintage and western with the surf lifestyle, and ultimately craft a rustic and unique space to shop, hangout, and enjoy!
We offer apparel and accessories for guys, gals, and groms, as well as skateboarding goods, and home accessories!
Meet the gal behind it all- Brooke O'Hair.
Hey y'all! 
First and foremost- thank you for being here! It means the world to me that you are supporting my small business; whether you make a purchase, tell a friend, share us on social media, or just scroll through our website and grace us with just being seen- THANK YOU! <3
I grew up in the Indian Rocks Beach area, and my first job ever was actually in a surf shop! From day one on the job, I knew I wanted to follow a career in the fashion retail industry, specifically specializing in the surf category! 
In 2021, Blacktop Surf Shop was born, based on the dream to open a surf boutique for guys and gals with my own twist- vintage and western.
I wanted to create a unique space consisting of everything I loved- the ocean, the beach, the spirit of the west, and vintage finds with a story- but most of all, I wanted to create a community for those who share the same love and interests as I do. 
So to the salty and bohemian babe, the hardworking and rugged fisherman, and the beach cowgirl and cowboy, this one's for you! 
The Name Explained
"Blacktop" means black asphalt, which for me, symbolizes progress and a city vibe- which is exactly where I wanted to be. My goal is to be your neighborhood surf shop #OnTheBlacktop and I firmly believe you can surf the pavement with skateboards (which is why we love selling Globe Skate Cruiser and Longboards, and accessories)! The icing on the cake is that our shop parking lot is black asphalt (thank you universe)!
Behind The Gal of Blacktop is A Really Great Support System
Special and endless thanks go to my loved ones for helping me curate Blacktop Surf Shop into what it is today- I could not have done this without y'all!